The Vernissage Data Set

HUMAVIPS Project (FP7-ICT-2009-247525)

overview of test setup

This website introduces a data set comprised of robot sensor, ground truth and system-level data which we have recorded at the end of year 2 of the HUMAVIPS project. In this data set we addressed the issues named below by choosing a natural interaction scenario inspired from conversational analysis and by recording data in a whole-system approach including many internal of the robot NAO, the target platform of the project.

The HUMAVIPS project aims to endow the humanoid robot NAO with audio-visual abilities to manage the interaction with a group of several people. In order to develop these abilities, computer scientists require a corpus of relevant data which allows to

Data Set Access

The data set is available to the research community on request. Please use the contact page to request access.
The main features are